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Rick Dahlgren is a leading provider of professional development and PD training resources for educators in North America. He runs a large network of more than two thousand master teachers with one, singular, goal in mind. The collective goal is to help improve teaching and learning for all! In his dynamic on-site professional development(s) for teachers, Rick Dahlgren demonstrates how to create more powerful and productive classrooms. Rick provides award-winning and evidence-based on-site trainings for 1) classroom management, 2) motivating students, 3) school safety and security, 4) massive school building improvement, and also provides 4) world-class and hilarious keynotes, and 5) job-embedded training. His company was founded nearly three decades ago and has grown to provide national and regional PD programs across the entire United States and Canada, South America, the Middle East, and Europe. For select trainings he is especially proud to partner with outstanding and nationally known and acclaimed presenters, all of whom have extensive practical experience in their content areas and all of whom are major leaders in their respective fields. Rick sponsors PD seminars, conferences, institutes and train-the-trainer programs. He presents programs based on sound evidence with an emphasis on next-day strategies and techniques that can be immediately implemented. Rick stands behind every program and PD he provides.

Award Winning Presentations

Classroom Management
Next-Day Strategies!
Classroom Management Next-Day Strategies!

Reducing Disruptive, Recurring, Behaviors to Increase Student Learning…

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New Teacher Training
Results Driven
New Teacher Training Results Driven

New Teacher Training

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Advanced Classroom Management
Data Driven
Advanced Classroom Management Data Driven

C.E.O Industry

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Internationally Acclaimed!
KeyNote Internationally Acclaimed!

Rick’s Keynote Is an Event Unlike Any Other

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  • As a brand new teacher, this seminar was extremely helpful.  All of the concepts, ideas and materials presented are relevant and applicable. I will be implementing many of the strategies into my first year of teaching. Jim Bob’s knowledge and experience really enhances the quality of the seminar.

  • I really enjoyed the information presented. I found it engaging and thought provoking.  Rick did a great job of keeping the audience involved.  His style of delivery is very easy to listen to, and provided some very good discussions within our group.

    Jamie Bianchi Teacher
  • My favorite thing about this training was the presenters…. Their overall energy, commitment and genuine concern for the success of the students and teachers is astounding.

    Dr. Pamela Bouie Teacher
  • Remarkably genuine, clear and knowledgeable presenters.  Each presenter made the presentation fun and filled it with humor and content, at the same time. The exercises and activities were excellent and relevant.  I am leaving here with a new found energy and excitement!

    Eric Combs Ohio State Teacher Of The Year
  • Instructor was great! Really made it a fun learning day for us! He also gave us ideas on what to use depending on our situation in our classroom. The presenter also walked all around the room, not just spoke from the front; which is an example of how we should all teach in a classroom.

    Anonymous 2nd Grade Teacher
  • The personalities of these amazing presenters are professional, engaging and extremely impressive. Very thankful I decided to come to this training because I am leaving INSPIRED!

    Kaytlynn Milliken Teacher
  • I came with the mindset that this seminar wasn’t really necessary for me because I am a 12th year teacher.  However I’m very glad I came! There are a ton of ideas I can’t wait to take back to my school and classroom.  The most important part was the presenter.  Just as a great teacher can’t teach anything without Classroom Management, great information can’t be relayed without a great presenter, and Jim Bob Solsbery was phenomenal.

    Dr. Joanna Faulk Superintendent
  • I have never experienced a seminar like this in over 40 years of education! I am a retired principal and have attended hundreds of conferences, and this is the best one ever! The trainers were rock solid in their research and their presentation skills were off the charts. I laughed, I learned, and I came away transformed!

    Dr. Jeannine Tate Retired Principal
  • Unbelievable information!  Rick Dahlgren is a world-class instructor with real world (teaching) experience!  This is the best class I have ever attended.  I wish I had known all of this stuff early on in my career. All of my middle school teammates who attended the seminar with me also say it’s the best and most unique presentation ever.  As a bonus, they provided a FREE DINNER and provided FREE DRINKS.  Who does that?

    Shalisa Powell High School Teacher